NTN Bearing

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Brand Model Size
NTN 23064BK 320x480x121
NTN 23068B 340x520x133
NTN 23068BK 340x520x133
NTN 2306S 30x72x27
NTN 2306SK 30x72x27
NTN 23072B 360x540x134
NTN 23072BK 360x540x134
NTN 23076B 380x560x135
NTN 23076BK 380x560x135
NTN 2307S 35x80x31
NTN 2307SK 35x80x31
NTN 23080B 400x600x148
NTN 23080BK 400x600x148
NTN 23084B 420x620x150
NTN 23084BK 420x620x150
NTN 23088B 440x650x157
NTN 23088BK 440x650x157
NTN 2308S 40x90x33
NTN 2308SK 40x90x33
NTN 23092B 460x680x163
NTN 23092BK 460x680x163
NTN 23096B 480x700x165
NTN 23096BK 480x700x165
NTN 2309S 45x100x36
NTN 2309SK 45x100x36
NTN 231/500B 500x830x264
NTN 231/500BK 500x830x264
NTN 231/530B 530x870x272
NTN 231/530BK 530x870x272
NTN 231/560B 560x920x280
NTN 231/560BK 560x920x280
NTN 231/600B 600x980x300
NTN 231/600BK 600x980x300
NTN 231/630B 630x1030x315
NTN 231/630BK 630x1030x315
NTN 231/670B 670x1090x336
NTN 231/670BK 670x1090x336
NTN 231/710B 710x1150x345
NTN 231/710BK 710x1150x345
NTN 231/750B 750x1220x365
NTN 231/750BK 750x1220x365
NTN 231/800B 800x1280x375
NTN 231/800BK 800x1280x375
NTN 231/850B 850x1360x400
NTN 231/850BK 850x1360x400
NTN 231/900B 900x1420x412
NTN 231/900BK 900x1420x412
NTN 2310S 50x110x40
NTN 2310SK 50x110x40
NTN 2311S 55x120x43
NTN 2311SK 55x120x43
NTN 23120B 100x165x52
NTN 23120BK 100x165x52
NTN 23122B 110x180x56
NTN 23122BK 110x180x56
NTN 23124B 120x200x62
NTN 23124BK 120x200x62
NTN 23126B 130x210x64
NTN 23126BK 130x210x64
NTN 23128B 140x225x68
NTN 23128BK 140x225x68
NTN 2312S 60x130x46
NTN 2312SK 60x130x46
NTN 23130B 150x250x80
NTN 23130BK 150x250x80
NTN 23132B 160x270x86
NTN 23132BK 160x270x86
NTN 23134B 170x280x88
NTN 23134BK 170x280x88
NTN 23136B 180x300x96
NTN 23136BK 180x300x96
NTN 23138B 190x320x104
NTN 23138BK 190x320x104
NTN 2313S 65x140x48
NTN 2313SK 65x140x48
NTN 23140B 200x340x112
NTN 23140BK 200x340x112
NTN 23144B 220x370x120
NTN 23144BK 220x370x120
NTN 23148B 240x400x128
NTN 23148BK 240x400x128
NTN 2314S 70x150x51
NTN 23152B 260x440x144
NTN 23152BK 260x440x144
NTN 23156B 280x460x146
NTN 23156BK 280x460x146
NTN 2315S 75x160x55
NTN 2315SK 75x160x55
NTN 23160B 300x500x160
NTN 23160BK 300x500x160
NTN 23164B 320x540x176
NTN 23164BK 320x540x176
NTN 23168B 340x580x190
NTN 23168BK 340x580x190
NTN 2316S 80x170x58
NTN 2316SK 80x170x58
NTN 23172B 360x600x192
NTN 23172BK 360x600x192
NTN 23176B 380x620x194
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