NTN Bearing

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Brand Model Size
NTN 22330UAVS1 150x320x108
NTN 22330UAVS2 150x320x108
NTN 22332B 160x340x114
NTN 22332BK 160x340x114
NTN 22332UAVS1 160x340x114
NTN 22332UAVS2 160x340x114
NTN 22334B 170x360x120
NTN 22334BK 170x360x120
NTN 22334UAVS2 170x360x120
NTN 22336B 180x380x126
NTN 22336BK 180x380x126
NTN 22336UAVS1 180x380x126
NTN 22336UAVS2 180x380x126
NTN 22338B 190x400x132
NTN 22338BK 190x400x132
NTN 22338UAVS1 190x400x132
NTN 22340B 200x420x138
NTN 22340BK 200x420x138
NTN 22340UAVS2 200x420x138
NTN 22344B 220x460x145
NTN 22344BK 220x460x145
NTN 22348B 240x500x155
NTN 22348BK 240x500x155
NTN 22352B 260x540x165
NTN 22352BK 260x540x165
NTN 22356B 280x580x175
NTN 22356BK 280x580x175
NTN 22360B 300x620x185
NTN 22360BK 300x620x185
NTN 22380B 400x820x243
NTN 230/1000B 1000x1420x308
NTN 230/1000BK 1000x1420x308
NTN 230/1060B 1060x1500x325
NTN 230/1060BK 1060x1500x325
NTN 230/1120B 1120x1580x345
NTN 230/1120BK 1120x1580x345
NTN 230/500B 500x720x167
NTN 230/500BK 500x720x167
NTN 230/530B 530x780x185
NTN 230/530BK 530x780x185
NTN 230/560B 560x820x195
NTN 230/560BK 560x820x195
NTN 230/600B 600x870x200
NTN 230/600BK 600x870x200
NTN 230/630B 630x920x212
NTN 230/630BK 630x920x212
NTN 230/670B 670x980x230
NTN 230/670BK 670x980x230
NTN 230/710B 710x1030x236
NTN 230/710BK 710x1030x236
NTN 230/750B 750x1090x250
NTN 230/750BK 750x1090x250
NTN 230/800B 800x1150x258
NTN 230/800BK 800x1150x258
NTN 230/850B 850x1220x272
NTN 230/850BK 850x1220x272
NTN 230/900B 900x1280x280
NTN 230/900BK 900x1280x280
NTN 230/950B 950x1360x300
NTN 230/950BK 950x1360x300
NTN 2300S 10x35x17
NTN 2301S 12x37x17
NTN 23022B 110x170x45
NTN 23022BK 110x170x45
NTN 23024B 120x180x46
NTN 23024BK 120x180x46
NTN 23026B 130x200x52
NTN 23026BK 130x200x52
NTN 23028B 140x210x53
NTN 23028BK 140x210x53
NTN 2302S 15x42x17
NTN 23030B 150x225x56
NTN 23030BK 150x225x56
NTN 23032B 160x240x60
NTN 23032BK 160x240x60
NTN 23034B 170x260x67
NTN 23034BK 170x260x67
NTN 23036B 180x280x74
NTN 23036BK 180x280x74
NTN 23038B 190x290x75
NTN 23038BK 190x290x75
NTN 2303S 17x47x19
NTN 23040B 200x310x82
NTN 23040BK 200x310x82
NTN 23044B 220x340x90
NTN 23044BK 220x340x90
NTN 23048B 240x360x92
NTN 23048BK 240x360x92
NTN 2304S 20x52x21
NTN 2304SK 20x52x21
NTN 23052B 260x400x104
NTN 23052BK 260x400x104
NTN 23056B 280x420x106
NTN 23056BK 280x420x106
NTN 2305S 25x62x24
NTN 2305SK 25x62x24
NTN 23060B 300x460x118
NTN 23060BK 300x460x118
NTN 23064B 320x480x121
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