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General : Harry Potter Theme Park gets the green light
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/31 8:59pm (UTC) (2158 reads)

Warner Bros. has confirmed that they are partnering with Universal Orlando Resort to create the first "fully immersive" Harry Potter theme park. The park has been referred to a "theme park within a theme park" and is slated to open in early 2010.

(We hope to have to artwork images for you soon).

Click the "read more" link for the official release.

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General : "Hogwarts Express" vandals arrested
Posted by AndyM on 2007/04/05 9:56pm (UTC) (1546 reads)

Ten youths have been arrested in connection with vandalism that was carried to the train used as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films.

The damage included over 300 toughened glass windows, which were broken with special hammers kept on board for safety reasons.

West Coast Railways estimated that the repairs will cost in excess of ?50,000 to carry out.

Police say that the youngsters aged between 12 and 14, have been release on police bail, pending further enquiries, and will have to report back to police in the first week of May.

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General : Lucius Malfoy moves up Forbe's fictional wealthy list
Posted by AndyM on 2006/11/23 9:26pm (UTC) (1300 reads)

Lucius Malfoy has moved up 3 places in Forbe's fictional top 15 wealthiest characters list. Last year he entered at number 15, with his $1.3billion (approx. ?679million) wealth helping him move up to number 12.

"Wizarding family patriarch best known as advocate for pureblood magicians and for violent hatred of Harry Potter. Caught red-handed burglarizing United Kingdom's Ministry of Magic; now indefinitely incarcerated in Azkaban prison. But imprisonment hasn't hurt his net worth: With the price of gold at record levels, stockpiles of gold galleons have appreciated significantly. Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour reportedly increasing security outside Malfoy's cell in the wake of Dementor guard revolt, fearing escape attempt. Malfoy, unbowed, vows to return to public life: "My race is not yet run." Member since 2005."

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General : JK Rowling beats cyber-squatters
Posted by AndyM on 2006/11/15 4:32pm (UTC) (1154 reads)

JK Rowling recently lodged a complaint against Hostline.bet, the owners of JKRowling.ir, who alleged their site to be an official JK Rowling web site. The tribunal found in favour of JK Rowling, and the domain name transferred.

You can read the long and full legal blurb here.

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General : Win a Harry potter DVD box set
Posted by AndyM on 2006/11/09 1:00am (UTC) (1276 reads)

National newspaper Metro is running a competition on their web site metro.co.uk to win a DVD box set of the first four Harry Potter films. You will have to register to enter, and possibly also be a UK resident (please check the rules before you enter).

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General : HBP teen's favourite book
Posted by AndyM on 2006/11/07 2:24am (UTC) (1236 reads)

In a poll conducted by a division of the American Library Association, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince took the annual Teen's Top Ten (TTT) number one spot. Teenagers were encouraged to vote online for their favourite book during Teen Read Week, resulting in over 500 votes.

Source: Veritaserum

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General : Reminder...
Posted by AndyM on 2006/03/06 10:06pm (UTC) (1434 reads)

Just to remind people that the contact forms on this site is for contacting the Muggle's Guide admin and staff only, and not for contacting anyone to do with the books or films.

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