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Muggles Guide : Galleries disabled
Posted by AndyM on 2013/09/16 8:00pm (UTC) (1621 reads)

Unfortunately I have had to disable the image galleries. Over time the site has moved to newer servers with updated server software, but sadly the gallery software hasn't been updated in years, so is no longer compatible. Leaving it enabled "breaks" the whole web site.

I am considering what to do - the whole site could do with being rebuilt from scratch, so just finding an alternative gallery may not be worth the effort.

As usual, suggestions are always welcome.

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Muggles Guide : Where now?
Posted by AndyM on 2011/07/25 8:50pm (UTC) (2646 reads)

I have to admit that due to personal problems, I've not been able to keep this site updated as much as it such have been.

The thing is, I am not sure where to take it now - do I leave it as it is? Do I redesign it and start afresh?

What do YOU think?

Please take a few minutes to give some feedback here! Your feedback will help shape the future of this site.

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Muggles Guide : Database maintenance - user account cleanup
Posted by AndyM on 2010/11/27 10:36pm (UTC) (2381 reads)

I am doing a tidy up of the user accounts and database, this means that any user account dated before 1st July 2010 that has either not been verified, and/or has not logged in (and has not posted any content) will be deleted. Most of these accounts have already been notified by e-mail, but a lot have bounced back.

To give anyone who may still visit the site to keep their username, please log in and or complete your account verification ASAP. If you cannot log in (perhaps you no longer have the same e-mail address), then please get in touch letting me know your username and the e-mail you used when you joined.

This is being done mainly due to a lot of spam accounts being created over the years, and it also means that some of the more popular usernames will be available to people who actually want to use them.

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Muggles Guide : What's happening with the site?
Posted by AndyM on 2010/10/26 9:10pm (UTC) (2792 reads)

Things may seem quiet around here, but the Muggle's Guide isn't dead - I've had to take a step back due to health and personal reasons, but I've not given up on the site yet. I am planning new content and am looking into updating/changing the software that the site runs on to make updating easier, as well as adding new content easier.

This is also a chance for you to have your say! What would you like to see here? Please make a suggestion by commenting in this thread, or getting in touch here.

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Muggles Guide : Happy Holidays
Posted by AndyM on 2008/12/24 1:56pm (UTC) (1845 reads)

Just a quick post to wish you all a Happy Christmas!

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Muggles Guide : What's happening?
Posted by AndyM on 2007/10/28 10:32pm (UTC) (2057 reads)

Again, I have fallen behind with the news and stuff due to health reasons. I've not abandoned the site, I just haven't been able to do much work to it, other than the back-end maintenance that you don't see.

So, I really could do with some help - if you think you can help with posting news, or something, please get in touch.

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Muggles Guide : Reminder: competition closing soon
Posted by AndyM on 2007/07/14 4:10pm (UTC) (1230 reads)

Just a reminder that our summer of Potter competition closes tomorrow night, so to be in with a chance of winning, start posting in the forums!

For more details see this page.

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Muggles Guide : News items
Posted by AndyM on 2007/06/15 1:09am (UTC) (1480 reads)

Due to illness, I've not been unable to update the site for several days, this includes news items. I apologise for this and will try and catch up as soon as possible.

I also ask if people could help by posting news via the submit form. Thanks!

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Muggles Guide : Two months and reporters
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/21 8:13pm (UTC) (1354 reads)

Just two months (60 calendar days) remain until the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it's creeping up on us fast. If you want to read the whole series before the release on the 21st of July, you may still be able to manage it by reading around two and a half chapters a day.

I am looking for news reporters - I am currently struggling to keep up with the current rate of news, so I need help. You can submit news here - if you want to be attributed for the story, either log in, or put a note in the news post!

Anyone can post news items, they will be validated before your post will go live (this is to top spammers and to keep the quality up). Please do not be offended if your post is not accepted, or edited - it may be because it's a duplicate story, or not relevant, etc. But whatever you send us, your time and effort will be appreciated.

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Muggles Guide : Get our countdowns on your site!
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/12 4:00pm (UTC) (1379 reads)

The Muggle's Guide has made its countdowns (as shown on the upper left of this page) available for you to use on your web site, MySpace or blog.

See this article to get the HTML code.

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