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Order of the Phoenix : Harry Potter gets his first on-screen kiss
Posted by Anonymous on 2007/07/03 12:21am (UTC) (1451 reads)

By Catherine Bussewitz
Associated Press

TOKYO -- First kisses can be tricky. Even for Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe - the star of the Harry Potter series - said Friday while in Tokyo for the premiere of the latest installment that it took a few takes to get over the nerves of getting the young wizard through his first on-screen kiss.

And even then, he didn?t really feel the magic.

?When we started it, we were both a bit nervous,? Radcliffe said at a news conference. ?But after the first few takes, it was sort of like any other scene, which is never really what people want to hear. It doesn?t really feel any different, because you are still acting.?

In ?Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,? the latest in the megahit series based on J.K. Rowling?s books, Harry comes of age and has his first on-screen kiss, with longtime crush Cho Chang, played by Katie Leung.

It was a big moment for Harry ? if not for Radcliffe.

Producer David Heyman said director David Yates cleared the set to create more intimacy for the scene and the crew crowded around a monitor to watch.

?The makeup artist, who?s known Daniel really well from the age of 10, she shed a tear,? Heyman said. ?For me, it was quite moving.?

?Order of the Phoenix,? a Warner Bros. Pictures release, opens in the United States on July 11 and in Britain the next day.

Radcliffe said Japan was a natural place for the world premiere ? probably half of their fan mail comes from Japan, he said, and the hundreds of thousands of letters they receive are ?beautifully presented.?

The next Harry-related frenzy will be the publication of the seventh and final book, ?Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,? on July 21.

The first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001. Radcliffe and co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who play Harry?s friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, have been at the center of the Potter storm for almost half their lives.

All three stars have signed up for the final two Potter films.

The Harry Potter books have been translated into 65 languages and sold more than 325 million copies since the first volume, ?Harry Potter and the Philosopher?s Stone,? was published in 1997. The book was published in the United States with the title ?Harry Potter and the Sorcerer?s Stone.?

On the Net:

?Harry Potter?:


J.K. Rowling:


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jkrowling.co.uk : New Wizard of the Month
Posted by AndyM on 2007/07/01 10:00am (UTC) (1430 reads)

JK Rowling has added a new wizard of the month to her web site:

"Godric Gryffindor

Medieval (precise dates unknown)
One of the four famous Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Godric Gryffindor was the most accomplished dueller of his time, an enlightened fighter against Muggle-discrimination and the first owner of the celebrated Sorting Hat."

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Muggles Guide : News items
Posted by AndyM on 2007/06/15 1:09am (UTC) (1480 reads)

Due to illness, I've not been unable to update the site for several days, this includes news items. I apologise for this and will try and catch up as soon as possible.

I also ask if people could help by posting news via the submit form. Thanks!

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Dan Radcliffe : Reminder: Equus ends soon
Posted by AndyM on 2007/06/02 5:31pm (UTC) (1557 reads)

Just a reminder that the play, Equus starring Dan Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter in the films, ends its run in the Gielgud Theatre London, this coming Saturday the 9th of June. So, if you want to go see the play, you have only have a few days left.

More details and booking info can be found here.

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jkrowling.co.uk : New Wizard of the Month
Posted by AndyM on 2007/06/01 1:00pm (UTC) (10088 reads)

JK Rowling has added a new wizard of the month to her web site:

"Salazar Slytherin [Medieval (precise dates unknown)]

One of the four celebrated Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry, Salazar Slytherin was one of the first recorded Parselmouths,
an accomplished Legilimens, and a notorious champion of pureblood supremacy."

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General : Harry Potter Theme Park gets the green light
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/31 8:59pm (UTC) (2158 reads)

Warner Bros. has confirmed that they are partnering with Universal Orlando Resort to create the first "fully immersive" Harry Potter theme park. The park has been referred to a "theme park within a theme park" and is slated to open in early 2010.

(We hope to have to artwork images for you soon).

Click the "read more" link for the official release.

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Half-Blood Prince : Locations in Scotland considered for Half Blood Prince
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/27 3:20pm (UTC) (1329 reads)

Scottish news paper The Scotsman reports that a representative from Warner Bros. has scouted several locations in Scotland for filming of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Warner Bros, which is preparing to shoot Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, has sent an executive to the cliffs and caves around Cape Wrath, and also to a sea cave close to the Whaligoe Steps near Wick, and has been in talks over filming in the north.

The producers are interested in using the caves and cliffs as part of the dramatic climax of the new film - the sixth in the series - in which the heroes wind their way along a sea-lashed coastline in search of the soul of the evil Lord Voldemort.

Sue Quinn, a London-based locations manager with Warner Bros, travelled to Scotland last month, taking a boat trip from Lochinver around Cape Wrath towards Durness, and then heading to Wick to check out the shore and caves at Whaligoe, near Lybster.

The main locations she checked out were:

  • Smoo Cave, near Durness, which is 200ft long, 130ft wide, and 50ft tall at its entrance;

  • Clo Mor, near Cape Wrath, which at 921ft, are the highest cliffs on the UK mainland;

  • The arches under Cape Wrath, which contain a string of long caves;

  • Stac Clo Kearvaig, a tower of rock that rises 130ft above the waves near Cape Wrath;

  • The cave at the Whaligoe Steps, which lies in a bay enclosed by two large sea cliffs.

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Order of the Phoenix : Order of the Phoenix to run for 138 minutes
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/26 4:50pm (UTC) (1434 reads)

The British Board of Film Classification has published the running time for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on its web site as being 138 minutes and 4 seconds (2 hours, 18 minutes and 4 seconds).

Source: HPANA, Harry Potter Freakz and TLC

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Order of the Phoenix : Fiction Alley debuts IMAX Order of the Phoenix trailer
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/25 10:54pm (UTC) (1424 reads)

The folks over at perhaps the largest Harry Potter fanfiction archive, Fiction Alley, get the first view of the the IMAX trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The trailer can be viewed here (this is a low res Quicktime version - higher versions will be available in June).

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Book 7 - Deathly Hallows : German & Swedish language Deathly Hallows release dates
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/25 9:11pm (UTC) (1478 reads)

Harry Potter's German Publisher has announced they will be releasing the German language of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows on the 27th of October 2007.

The Swedish language version (Harry Potter och D?dsrelikerna) will be released on the 21st of November 2007.

Thanks to HPANA.

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