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Muggles Guide : Announcing our Summer of Potter competition
Posted by AndyM on 2007/05/09 10:19pm (UTC) (1452 reads)

From tonight, until the 15th of July, The Muggle's Guide is running a competition called "The Summer of Potter" to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the seventh and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. More details on the competition can be found here.

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Muggles Guide : Fonts available for download
Posted by AndyM on 2007/03/01 9:50pm (UTC) (2530 reads)

I've uploaded five Harry Potter related fonts for you to download. They are available from the download area.

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Muggles Guide : Notes on registering with The Muggle's Guide
Posted by AndyM on 2007/02/17 6:40pm (UTC) (1319 reads)

Just a reminder that when you register with us, you must use a valid e-mail address (please also check that you have entered it correctly). When you first register, an e-mail is sent to you with a verification link that you must follow to activate your account.

This is a necessary step to help prevent spam and other objectionable content being posted on the site, and not for any other use.

If you have any problems registering, and/or have not received an e-mail with a verification link within 24 hours, please feel free to get in touch.

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Muggles Guide : Site problems
Posted by AndyM on 2007/01/21 3:50pm (UTC) (1283 reads)

After a recent update, the site is experiencing problems with various areas not being displayed.

Hopefully, the site will be restored to full, soon, so please bear with us while we pull out our hair...

Edit: All is OK now (please don't ask me what went wrong... )

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Muggles Guide : New Wizard of the Month for January 2007
Posted by AndyM on 2007/01/03 12:32am (UTC) (1248 reads)

JK Rowling has updated her site with a new wizard of the month:

Harvey Ridgebit
1881 - 1973
Dragonologist, caught first Peruvian Vipertooth, established world's largest dragon sanctuary in Romania.

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Muggles Guide : Help needed...
Posted by AndyM on 2006/12/30 9:41pm (UTC) (1109 reads)

I'm still battling health issues (I've had "flu" over the Christmas period, amongst other things you don't want to hear about, trust me).

As a result I am still finding it hard to work on the site at all, and would appreciate any help you can provide. It could be news stories, articles or entries in the guide section.

Sadly, I can't afford to pay anyone, but my thanks will be yours.

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Muggles Guide : Oops
Posted by AndyM on 2006/12/09 9:37pm (UTC) (1117 reads)

Unfortunately, being unwell and other problems during the last week or so has meant I've not been able to keep up with the news. Sorry!

This has highlighted even more that I really could do with some helpers - so please do submit news if you don't see it here. You don't have to log in, but I won't be able to credit you if you don't (well, you'll be mentioned by name if you request).

Please see the ?read more? link for more info.

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Muggles Guide : New quiz
Posted by AndyM on 2006/11/24 10:35pm (UTC) (1112 reads)

The first of several quizes has been published on out site. We start of with a nice and easy one, which you can do here.

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Muggles Guide : A call for television news and interview info...
Posted by AndyM on 2006/11/19 11:17pm (UTC) (1143 reads)

Do you know of any Harry Potter related clips, interviews, trailers, etc., coming on UK television? If you do, please get in touch and let me know, so I can record and put them online for those otherwise unable to watch them.

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Muggles Guide : New images from Order of the Phoenix
Posted by AndyM on 2006/10/23 8:08pm (UTC) (1217 reads)

There is now 16 new images in the gallery for the new Harry Potter film, order of the Phoenix, including images of Luna and Umbridge. They can be seen here.

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