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First posted:   Tue 14 Jun 2005
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Our database
We try and ensure that we are accurate with the information presented in the database, but unfortunately, errors are bound to creep in here or there (we are only human, you know), there are also believed to be a couple of errors in the books made by J.K. Rowling herself.

So, we cannot guarantee that any information provided on this site to be 100% correct, or complete. Please bear this in mind if you are relying on The Muggle's guide for your own research. As an aid to you, we will try and provide the source for any facts portrayed, e.g., if it has "[2.1]" after a fact, then that means you can look for yourself in book 2, chapter 1.

That said, there are links at the foot of every entry's description where you can submit additions and/or corrections for that item being viewed - please take the time to inform us of any mistakes!

External links
We check all submitted web links to external web sites before they are published (with the exception of links in forum posts), but due to the fact that the internet is an ever-changing dynamic entity, we cannot guarantee that any link will remain ?safe?.

Any site we link to is not endorsed by us (unless otherwise stated), nor are we responsible for content on any linked to web site.

Any post made in the forums belongs to the poster and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Muggle?s Guide staff.
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