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Database editor
  Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2005 by AndyM (1885 reads)

Positions available: initially, 2

This is similar to the item researcher & submitter job, but you will have direct access to the database admin area, with any changes being immediately viewable to site visitors.

What is expected of you
Your duties will be the same as for the item researcher & submitter position, but you will also be collating information submitted by site visitors and other staff members for updating existing items, and adding new items directly to the database.

As you will be working directly with the database, you must have a high standard of written English. This project is British based, and as such, you will need to be able to write in "British English".

Before you can apply for this position, you must have applied for and completed a period as an Item researcher & contributor (see separate job info). This period at a lower level is to show that you are trustworthy and can write to a consistent level.

Sadly, no monetary "wages" can be paid as this site makes no money – you will basically be doing this for the love of the Harry Potter series, and the recognition of having your words published here. As a staff member, you will also have a say as to how the site is run.

Please use the contact page in the first instance, with some details about yourself, and a working e-mail address – I shall ask for an example later.

Please note: If you are 13 years of age, or younger, you must get a parent to contact me first giving their permission (that can be verified) for you to apply. See the COPPA privacy page for more info.

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