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COPPA Policy
  Posted on Mon 18 Jul 2005 by AndyM (2479 reads)

Harry Potter is enjoyed and read by muggles of all ages (from 8 - 80, as the saying goes), which means that some of the people who will register to get the most out of the site are under the age of 13. With this in mind, and as we take personal privacy very seriously, we have to display how we comply with the Children's Online Protection Privacy Act, as effective April 21 2000.

We to confirm that any child under the age of 13 has their parent's permission to register with the Muggle's Guide web site; they can do this by contacting us using the contact form - the chosen username and e-mail address should be included.

The e-mail address provided by the parent should not be of a "free" or "disposable" type, such as provided by hotmail.com, etc. Any requests using one of these services will be refused until a suitable e-mail address is supplied.

If we are in doubt as to the validity of the permission given, we may ask for verifiable consent from the parents, this will asked to be sent to us via one of the follow methods:

  • Via a signed letter, posted.
  • Via a signed letter, faxed.
  • Via telephone.

If these methods are inconvenient, please contact us to arrange a suitable method.

If your child is 13 or older, and have concerns about your child using this site (or even want their account suspended or deleted), then please feel free to get in touch. Please note that we may require proof of who you are, this is to prevent false requests being made.

A summary of the information we collect at registration:

  • A username (sometimes called a "screen name").
  • An e-mail address. This is used in the first instance to verify an account, then to send any automatic site generated notifications the user has chosen to receive. This e-mail address can be hidden from view of others (and recommended for children).
  • Password. A unique and hard to guess word, or series of characters, known only to the child and parent. This is encrypted and cannot be read by ourselves or anyone else.

The site uses cookies for settings etc. We do not collect any personal information from these cookies. More information on cookies can be found here. We may also be using third party advertising services that will set their own cookies. These are beyond our control, but there are services available that allow you to opt out from these.

No Muggle's Guide staff member will initiate the request for personal information of a child - if you or your child receives an e-mail claiming to be from us (and you've not contacted us first), requesting personal information, then please use the contact form and let us know immediately.

If you are found to have falsely declared your age, we will firstly suspend/ban your account, then depending upon the circumstances, may report the activity to your ISP (who will be able to contact your parents, and even stop you going online), and, if necessary, report you to various law enforcement agencies.

General online safety
No child should be scared in using the Internet, but as in the real world, parents should ensure that their children follow some basic precautions to help ensure they remain safe:

  • Never give out your real name, your e-mail address, your home address (or those of friends or family), your phone number or any other information that can identify you - only use your user/screen name.
  • Do not agree to meet anyone alone after contact via any web site - no matter who they say they are. Always gain the permission of a parent or guardian and always go with an adult; either a parent/guardian, or someone they know and trust.
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