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Adding or amending a database item
  Posted on Tue 14 Jun 2005 by AndyM (2382 reads)

This document contains details on how to use the user side add/amend item form. It’s not always necessary to worry about getting it exactly right as the administrators will ensure submitted data is sorted correctly before being published, it may just take a little longer.

First, here are some notes on the data you enter:

  • The only required info is the title and category.
  • Please search the database before adding a new item to ensure you are not adding something that already exists.
  • When submitting amendments, please follow the amend link at the foot of the item.
  • Please don¬ít be offended if something you submit does not appear exactly as you had written it ¬Ė we may have to incorporate it into some info we already have, for example.
  • Don¬ít worry about your spelling and/or grammar, we are more concerned with raw facts/info at this stage in time and will re-write as needed.
  • You must not enter copyrighted material, with the exception of short quotations. If you really need to, for reference, or prove a point for example, please mark the text as copyrighted so it won¬ít be used as written.
  • By submitting material, you freely acknowledge that you are relinquishing any copyrights to it, and giving us ¬ďcarte blanche¬Ē to do with it as we see fit.

The form:

Item title:
This is the main title of the item. This should only be entered by its name, with no other text to explain it. People¬ís names should be entered in the format of ¬ďSurname, Forename¬Ē.

Select the most appropriate category for the item ¬Ė if you feel that there isn¬ít one, mention it in the notes section of the form.

Item text:
This is the main description of the item; all but general notes about the item should be entered here.

Origins of item:
This is for when an item is based in real life, or in mythology.

Used for quoting the source for the data entered.

  • The books. All of the books have been released in many different versions and languages, so page numbers should not be quoted. In this case use [3.5] to denote the book, in this case the third Harry Potter book release, The Prisoner of Azkaban and chapter five.
  • Web sites. Please supply URLs where possible.

Anything entered here will not be published, it is for the submitter to pass on to the administrators any notes about your submission.

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