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Harry Potter OotF articulated action figure
  Posted on Mon 23 Jul 2007 by AndyM (2944 reads)
Type: Articulated action figure.
Articulation points: 14.
Height: 3 Ā¾ inches (9.5cm).
Manufacturer: Corgi International.
Ages: 4+.
RRP: Ā£5.99.

To coincide with the release of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film, a series of action figures has been released. Of course, no Harry Potter series would be complete without Harry himself, so here he is in all his articulated glory.

Sculpture: 4.5/5
This action figure is nicely detailed, with crisp lines. There is only a small amount of moulding lines on the neck and the front of the limbs. It's also nice to see that it also resembles Daniel Radcliffe quite closely. It has the usual plastic body, and a cardigan that has a rubbery feel to it.

Articulation: 5/5
There are 14 points of articulation, which for this size and price, is quite good, making the figure very posable.

Accessories: 4.5/5
You can't expect too much for this price, but this figure does come with a stag patronus (see photo), a smaller shield patronus and a spare hand with wand and the Ā“beginningsĀ” of a patronus.

Paint: 4.5/5
Most of the figure is coloured plastic, with the tie, hair, glasses and the Gryffindor colours on the cardigan being painted. The painting appears well done, with little or no Ā“bleedingĀ” into other areas of the figure. The colours also seem fairly faithful to the film characters.

Packaging: 4.5/5
It's well packed with a fairly stiff shaped card backing and a plastic bubble front. The figure itself is suspended in another moulded piece of plastic inside and held in place with ties. Again, it's nice to see that they appear to have put some thought into the packing and not just slapped it into something that looks cheap and boring.

Overall: 4.6/5
I have to admit to being no expert on action figures, but I am otherwise impressed with this one Ā– even I have seen much worse. It resembles the character it portrays, is well made and painted, and is reasonably packaged and priced.

Where to buy:
Forbidden planet

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