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Order of the Phoenix t-shirts
  Posted on Thu 19 Jul 2007 by AndyM (2880 reads)
After new t-shirts for the summer sun? Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you answered yes, then you may like these new t-shirts celebrating the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

The first we have for review is a ?Dark Arts? themed shirt in a dark grey, with a black dementor floating on the top left. On the back is a ?Dark Arts? logo.

The second is a ?Dumbledore's Army? themed shirt, in a light blue. This shirt has the signatures of the Army members down the front right, with a logo at the base, and another logo on the back.

Quality: 4/5
First, the bad bit (well, not that bad): The label says ?heavy weight cotton?, but it seems to be more of a medium weight t-shirt with a slightly coarser/looser weave, compared to a variety of t-shirts I've owned over the years. However, they do seem to be a good quality overall; they are 100% cotton, there are no loose threads and has well stitched seams. I think they should wear well as time goes on.

Design: 3/5
Both designs are tasteful and not overdone (in this reviewer's opinion), they are also original designs and not just posters printed on the front. However, there is problem with the particular Dumbledore's Army shirt I have for review, in that the signatures and other text is in a cream (ish) colour on a light blue background, which makes it very difficult to read. In fact, you could be forgiven for not realising they were there at all in some lighting conditions. This won't be an issue with other colour combinations available for this design.

Price: 4/5
The RRP for these shirts is ?16.99, and while not the cheapest t-shirt on the market, is reasonably priced for an official item with this quality. If you shop around you will find that prices from various retailers vary wildly; so far, I have seen these shirts for around ?11.

Overall score: 3.7/5
So, overall, nicely designed, reasonable quality shirts for an okay price. They would have scored higher, but the difficulty in reading the writing on the DA shirt I have, knocked the overall score down. Again, this should not be a problem with alternative colour combinations.

These are just two of a number of t-shirts available, including a black shirt with a death eater's mask, which looks rather cool.

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