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Will Hogwarts reopen, and will Harry return?
  Posted on Mon 21 May 2007 by AndyM (2534 reads)

Will Hogwarts reopen, and will Harry return?

Reflecting questions raised in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Scholastic recently asked on their web site "Will Hogwarts reopen?" (this being the third of seven questions they will be asking). The three answers to choose from were: "Yes", "Yes but Harry, Ron and Hermione won't go back" and "Not at all".

With the invasion of Hogwarts by the Death Eaters, and the death of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, we were left wondering whether or not Hogwarts will reopen for Harry's seventh and final year. It's without doubt that Hogwarts is not as safe as it used to be without Dumbledore, and it is possible that some of the protection that he placed upon the school died with him, much like the freezing charm he placed upon Harry on the tower. However, now Voldemort is gaining power and is more open with his actions, Hogwarts is still safer than most places for students.

In the aftermath of Dumbledore's death, people were obviously low, and would have had doubts as to whether they should carry on. But, they will realise that life should carry on as normal as possible, and Dumbledore would have wanted Hogwarts to reopen. As Professor Sprout said, "I feel that if a single pupil wants to come, then the school ought to remain open for that pupil." I suspect most of the teachers will feel the same. As well as trying to keep some sense of normalcy in their lives, the students still need an education - I expect some will be educated at home, but where else would be better than Hogwarts?

And as for Harry? He said that he wouldn't return, and he may not as a student, but he will return for other reasons. Harry will either base himself at number 12 Grimmauld Place, or at Hogwarts - which, no one can say for certain until the book is released, or he may divide his time between the two. Whichever it is, Harry still has a lot to learn - he still needs to master silent spells, and he still needs to learn occlumency, and he needs to learn these somewhere. So do Ron and Hermione for that matter; if they are to follow Harry into battle. We have seen that they are capable of learning on their own, using the room of requirement in during their fifth year, so overall where better to learn than at Hogwarts? There are the teachers, whom I am sure will be more than willing to give him private tuition and other help, and there is the extensive library, where Hermione will more than likely spend a lot of time with her nose buried in a book or dozen, doing research for Harry.

What other reasons are there for him to return? There is of course Albus Dumbledore's portrait in the headmaster's office - we have seen from other portraits that they contain enough of the subject's "essence" that they can converse with the living, one example being former headmaster Phineas Black, who we see in Order of the Phoenix and later, is capable of conversations, carrying out orders and moving between portraits in various locations (I imagine this last one will be very important). Obviously, this means that Harry can talk to Dumbledore (or his portrait) in the headmaster's office when he has a need to.

And finally, Voldemort had an obsession with Hogwarts, and its founders - so there is every chance that one or more of the horcruxes is hidden in Hogwarts. As for the final showdown? One of the locations could be Hogwarts - either in a cemetery, or possibly in a different secret chamber (Slytherin had one, there is nothing to say that one or more of the house founders didn't build one for themselves).

So, what do I think? I think Hogwarts will reopen (even if not at full capacity as in the past) it has survived the split of the founders, presumably the Goblin wars that we kept hearing about and Voldemort's last reign of terror, so why not now? And as for Harry, he will return - but possibly not as a full-time student.

Besides, J.K. Rowling did say that there would be seven books - one for each year he spends at Hogwarts...

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