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Philosopher's Stone DVD Easter Eggs
  Posted on Wed 19 Apr 2006 by AndyM (1991 reads)
These are “Easter Eggs” (hidden/extra features) as found on the UK Region 2 Widescreen DVD.

Disc 1:
On the root/main menu, select the owl (Hedwig?) over to the right, to see HarryÂ’s letter to Hogwarts

Disc 2:
There are 7 deleted scenes available, to get to them, do the following:

  1. Select Diagon Alley and keep choosing bricks until you are let in (or the correct sequence, if you know it!)
  2. Select the Gringotts sign to enter, click on the board to get some money to be able to buy a wand.
  3. Go to OllivanderÂ’s, keep trying wands until you get the correct one.
  4. Return to the main menu and select Classrooms.
  5. Select Transfiguration (nothing appears to happen, but don’t worry), then navigate down to the owls on the stone torch and select, then up to the “H” and select again.
  6. You are presented with Fluffy, HagridÂ’s three headed dog. As music makes him sleep, select the flute.
  7. Next, select the silver key with the bent wing (itÂ’s more or less over the door in the background).
  8. You are next presented with a set of bottles, while these featured in the books, they were not in the film. Select the round one with the yellow liquid.
  9. Select the red PhilosopherÂ’s Stone in the mirror to get the deleted scenes.
There is, thankfully, a quicker way to access the deleted scenes. Firstly, select track/scene 80 (exactly how you do this depends upon your DVD player), you will get the keys; do nothing and you will be automagically taken to the potions, select the round one with the yellow liquid, then select the PhilosopherÂ’s Stone.

While in Gringott’s you can navigate down to the bag of what looks like sweets; select them and you can the “taste” some Every Flavour Beans.

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