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  Posted on Mon 17 Apr 2006 by AndyM (3420 reads)
These are mistakes as found in the first Harry Potter film, and have been compiled from a number of sources, including moviemistakes.com. Mistakes are listed in chronological order, with image grabs and times taken from the UK region 2 DVD. As well as just listing them, I shall try and comment and/or discuss them.

Type: continuity
When we first see Harry, he is woken up in his cupboard. There is a Brush hanging on the inside of the door (4m 12s) - this brush is missing when Dudley pushes Harry back in (4m 30s). Later, after arriving back from the zoo, there is no brush, dustpan or duster hanging on the back of the door (8m 11s).

After looking at this, I feel this is not necessarily a big a mistake as made out: The brush is part of a type of dustpan and brush kit that is fairly common in the UK. The brush's handle "snaps" into the dustpan's handle, making for tidier storage and helping to keep the pair together. If you look closely at the first scene, you can just see the dustpan behind the brush.
In the second scene, we can see the back of the dustpan - the fact it has turned around does not mean that the brush is not there, but just hidden on the other side of it. If you look closely at the first scene again, you'll notice that it is hung via a piece of string, meaning it could have swung out and twisted round with the door being slammed shut - possibly from an earlier take.
As for it not being there later after coming back from the zoo; it's not seen as the camera's view is higher than whatever it is hanging on. In fact, if you look on the door on the outside just after Uncle Vernon slams it shut, you can just see the back of the screw or whatever it is that's being used as a hook..

Type: Visible equipment
Just as and after Mrs Dursley removes her hands from Dudley's eyes to reveal his presents, you can see what looks like a microphone wire, with tape, that has come unstuck and moved from under Mrs Dudley's dress, next to her necklace. (4m 57s)
Not much to say here, except, yup, it's a cable with a bit of tape on it.

Type: continuity
Mrs Dursley leads Dudley to his presents; between him seeing them, and turning to his father, the fringe of his hair changes. Times are approx 5m 04s to 5m 08s.

I didn't think there was much difference - until I did the comparison image. It almost looks like it's even been washed between the two scenes (and is the parting in a slightly different place?), but it could just be lighting and stuffÂ…

Type: continuity
In the reptile house, the glass disappears and Dudley falls into the reptile exhibit. The snake that was previously on the rock appears to have disappeared as well. (6m 55s)
I guess the "snake" could have moved out of the way, after all, who'd want that lump falling on them? There is only a small area of where the snake was that is visible, but there is indeed no sign of it.

Type: Visible equipment
There is supposed to be visible equipment on the floor outside of the house (from the perspective from within the hallway) as Harry and the Dursleys return from the zoo. (7m 54s)

Personally, I am unable to see any equipment there, but the outside scene does look "painted", as if in a studio. One thing though - Uncle Vernon enters directly from the right (from outside this is the left). Earlier before they get into the car, when Vernon issues his warning to Harry (5m 22s), we can see that there are plants in tubs in the area he has just come from.

Type: tricks of the trade
When Uncle Vernon picks up a set of three Hogwarts letters for Harry, you can see cuts in one, presumably to make them easier for the actor to tear. (9m 18s)

Type: continuity
Uncle Vernon covers the letterbox with a piece of wood. At first, it's shown with the top leaning to the left (9m 32s), later when the letters bust it off the door, it's angled in the opposite direction. (11m 32s)

It in fact looks like it may even be a completely different piece of wood. The first scene is not too clear, but the grain looks different and there is a mark across the later one.

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